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Savings Calculator

ROI analysis can help you compare the potential improvements in the scope of an optimization project to the necessary investment costs. The following simple calculation is to give you a glimpse of what the possible annual savings amount could be.

US$ Cost/Year

1. Manpower Savings

% Work-time Savings
Employees are freed from the effort of manual coordination, information gathering, paperwork etc.
% Increased Accounting Accuracy
No services or additional work-time can get lost for Internal Costing or invoicing
% Improved Control and Flexibility
Change workflows fast and flexibly to cover new business models; outsource (sub)processes on demand

2. Service Improvement

% Accelerated Processes
Reduction of processing time enables better customer service
% Avoiding Mistakes and Corrections
Avoid errors through Quality checks and avoid missed deadlines through clear visualization
% Supply Chain Improvements
Improvement through integrating branch offices, customers as well as suppliers

3. Additional Savings

% Reduced Overtime/Extra-pay
Through better resource scheduling
% Reduced External Purchases
Through better utilization of internal resources
% Increased Transparency
For better business control and decision making every day
= 18 % Cost Savings/Year
= 1,800,000 US$ Cost Savings/Year

The savings can enable employees to better focus on their core activities, to improve quality and service, to increase visibility and control, so that the company can maintain its market position or even expand.

Internal cost accounting is a form of cost accounting, in which internal costs are assigned based on evaluated values of cost rates. The calculated costs arise as a product of amount of activities and cost rate. The calculated costs are deducted from the outgoing cost center and added to the receiving cost center.
ROI (Return on Investment) is the benefit or profit that accrues to a company from a business investment, for instance in software. After a certain time, an investment should pay for itself and generate additional profit e.g. through cost savings.