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1. Forms of Cooperation

CEITON's products and services are so organized that they can also be delivered by partners or from customers' IT departments. CEITON can thus focus primarily on further developing products and services, while customers can be served locally by their suppliers.

CEITON enables partners to sell and roll out products in which extensive training, documentation and certification are provided. There are three types of partnerships:

  1. Technology Partners
    transpose solutions to make them interoperable or to integrate into their own products.
  2. Distribution Partners
    sell or facilitate our solutions and get a refund to cover their marketing expenses.
  3. Implementation Partners
    can also offer their own services such as consulting, design, implementation, training, support, software development, process outsourcing and so on.

2. Implementation Partners

An implementation partner must meet the following requirements to ensure the success of projects:

  • Experience in process consulting
  • Experience in project management
  • Experience in IT system implementation or development
  • CEITON product and service certifications

CEITON prefers the principle of 'one face to the customer' but if needed, and especially in the beginning of a partnership, is available for support without restrictions.

Partnership is taken seriously by CEITON. Partnerships are investments in long-term cooperation for mutual benefit. Only through personal relationships and trust can they provide durable benefits for the customers and the collaboration.

3. Contact

We are now working with partners and customers around the world: from Europe to North and South America to Australia. If you are interested in a partnership or as a customer at a local partner, please Contact us.

4. Partner Testimonials

CI Systems

“As an implementation partner we define workflow solutions for our clients within the CEITON platform. We rely on their professional services group to support all our technical and business questions. With CEITON we have a reliable and agile partner who really feels for our problems and clients and takes real responsibility. We also work closely together on sales in order to win new opportunities.”

Martin Horicky
Managing Director, Brno

Atos Origin

“We have learnt to value CEITON as a reliable and flexible partner in collaboration. Our client installed the CEITON Workflow System after a critical analysis by Atos Origin.”

Steffen Zipperer
Project Leader, Stuttgart


“In the technology of television, the word 'Workflow' takes on ever more meaning. CEITON understands how to bring this to life. All important processes of the television production can be superbly supported by the flexible comprehensive Web Workflow PPS, based on the most modern technology.”

Mark Wellerdick
Chief Executive, Cologne

Flying Eye

“While screening scheduling systems for one of our customers we shortlisted the product Web Workflow PPS from the company CEITON after market research. Among the shortlist candidates CEITON was accepted by our customers because of its high product flexibility and its very adaptable business logic. Also the modern, state-of-the-art software architecture was convincing for our customers.”

Thomas Holzmann
Managing Director, Darmstadt

THOMSON Broadcast & Media Solutions

“Within our activities in the area Media Content and Workflow Management for broadcasters we see the Workflow System from CEITON as one powerful application for the efficient implementation of customer-specific Workflows. The good visualization and flexible handling of the graphical user interfaces simplifies and accelerates the gathering and modeling of customer requirements. CEITON Web Workflow PPS can act as an important building block in the area of tape-less production environments.”

Uwe Ritter
Consulting & Business Development, Weiterstadt


“The Siemens Business Services claims to supply solutions to its customers that are in various ways increasing corporate value creation in the long run. With CEITON we have found a reliable and competent partner who helps us achieve our objective on a technologically advanced level. Because of the cutting-edge, highly flexible Workflow engine of the Web Workflow PPS system, future requirements in dynamic markets can also be elegantly implemented.”

Andreas Prokop
Member of Branch Management, Leipzig


“To fulfill our obligation as a contracted party to the customer, we need to rely on our technology suppliers. With CEITON we have a flexible and responsive partner, who is close at hand in the project business.”

Stephan Drescher
CEO, Halle/Saale

“As a project manager, a structured approach based on clear and properly drafted documents, such as specifications, is central for me in large projects. This quality is achieved in CEITON's preparatory work every time.”

Sven Müller
Project Manager, Halle/Saale