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The essence of the company –
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The elevator pitch: our
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1. Approach

Systematically structured solutions create order in a complex world. CEITON implements efficient solutions based on new technologies for the visualization of high-performance planning and business processes. Investigation, consulting, implementation, training and optimization are parts of a comprehensive and long-lasting solution — globally and locally.

In our ever faster and ever more interconnected world of business, relationships between production and management become more complex and therefore difficult to understand and manage. Some complexity-generating mechanisms include:

  • Layering
    Self-contained levels which build on each other
  • Synergy
    More than the sum of its individual components
  • Interdependence
    Mutual, self-affecting dependencies
  • Change
    Permanent change in almost all areas vs. human inertia
  • Speed
    Increasing speed is always posing new challenges
  • Interconnections
    Increasing real-time supply chains
  • Scaling Effects: Although something functions in the small, it may be different in the large

CEITON understands these and other mechanisms and effects and can therefore create solutions, which remain, flexible and manageable despite their complexity and the benefits accrue quickly and result in the generation of large returns.

The following topics are included under the broader term of 'workflow management':

  • Task management
  • Form management
  • Reporting and monitoring
  • Resource scheduling
  • Rostering
  • Process control
  • Supply chain management
  • Application integration

When addressing specific problems that need to be solved, both standard (best practice), as well as individual solutions are offered or newly designed and implemented. Apart from the actual solution of the problem, flexibility and enabling are priorities, so that customers can adapt and develop the solution themselves as needs change in the future.

2. Vision

Our vision may not sound very revolutionary, but it is the starting point for all our work.

Internet as the basis for process communication

We believe in the endless possibilities of software to connect companies, people and systems through the internet and to support them efficiently in their work.

Software as an adaptive platform

By abstracting from individual solutions, generic software as a real solution platform repeatedly creates new benefits in changing environments. That is the modern face of software: modeling instead of hard coding.

Browser as the universal front-end

Irrespective of how imperfect the browser as a front-end may seem, its ubiquity and flexibility are unrivalled. In our opinion, web browsers are the platform for user interfaces today and into the future.

3. R&D


Do you think the internet will change? If so, how will it look in 2020?

Of course, we do not know either. However, we are doing our best to find out and to contribute to the development of existing and new technologies. Ideas for the future are developed today and technology has always been the force behind social development — whether it was the simple stone hand axe, the steam engine or the more complex internet.

Development I

For CEITON, research and development means first of all intensive observation of the present and the past. History tends to repeat itself, though under changing circumstances.

Thus, many new ideas and developments are the result of combining existing ideas or features.

The Workflow Management System from CEITON combines the advantages of two different worlds and the CEITON Web window manager WinLIKE is nothing but an adaptation of well-proven methodologies.

Development II

As well as intensive dialog with our clients, further sources of information for the development of our software are the fields of biology and sociology.

To have at least an idea of the basic processes of the brain while looking at a user interface or of how a whole company reacts to changing circumstances means understanding fundamental requirements.

For these reasons, CEITON strives to develop applications that are easy to handle and which give companies the flexibility in their IT infrastructures essential to adapt to fast-changing markets.

4. Innovation

What started in the year 2000 with a vision has constantly evolved to become the most innovative producer in the fields of workflow and resource management.

For customers who assert themselves under harsh market conditions locally or globally, modern and flexible work tools are especially important. This is why for CEITON it is not enough to utilize the same once-developed software for decades, but instead we generate new benefits repeatedly through real innovation. With that, the circle is completed for our customers and us: innovation-growth-innovation.


5. Passion

The first subject to which we dedicated our optimization ideas and ourselves was the media industry. We are often asked how this fits together: the creative types, the chaos, the unpredictable and on the other side systematic order (in Japanese, Seiton), structure, and even predictability.

Now, our opinion is that this is no mismatch. No other industry is as exciting, gripping and moving and, at the same time, as important as the media industry. Music that can drive people wild, movies can lead you into worlds unimagined and reportage can cause governments to collapse or enable people to forge a collective identity.

To this end, the media and entertainment industry must also be extremely precise; it requires long-term planning and the most correct performance. When the lights go out, and the spotlight comes on, months and years are focused into a few short minutes. And, to really touch people’s hearts, nothing less will do.

With our structuring technologies, we free up more time for creativity. We live simply for the business models of our customers, because we are simultaneously their most enthusiastic customers.

6. Origin

CEITON’s approach to product R&D is inspired by the successful 5S principles of workplace organization and standardization. The Japanese word Seiton means to place a tool (or in our case: information) in such a way that it can be easily reached whenever it is needed. Therefore, we adapted 5S workplace organization to the modern information workplace with computer support. We ensure that the right task is in the right state at the right place at the right time with the right information.

The 5S approach is a basis for continuous improvement and less waste. It consists of:

  • Seiri (Tidiness): Eliminate unnecessary items from the workplace. Keep the strict minimum.
  • Seiton (Orderliness): Set in order and identify useful items in order to locate them more easily: 'Everything in its right place'.
  • Seiso (Cleanliness): Clean and shine everything and use cleaning as inspection.
  • Seiketsu (Standardization): Standardize best practices in the work area by implementing visual displays and controls.
  • Shitsuke (Discipline): Define, implement and maintain high standards for workplace organization.

These values are fundamental to CEITON’s major product Web Workflow PPS. Being well organized improves work efficiency and helps to motivate people. To quote Henry Ford: “Good work requires good tools in a good organized environment”.